Mystieke Sferen



Mystic Temple is inspired by a time....


When the air always smelled as fresh as the moment when the sun rises above the mountains.

While the damp of the earth was mixed by the wind with the colors of the cooling night,

the orange of the warming sun and the green of the young oak trees.


In this time ...  People and animals lived in peace with each other.

There was no need to fight, to work hard or to stress.

All was in harmony with the rhythms of the seasons, the stars, the moon and the sun.


In this time ... Words did not exist, people communicated via music, and touch.

If there would have been words, the verb 'loving' would not exist, cause the word 'living' would already express our meaning for 'loving'. 

In this time ... .Every footstep on the ground felt like a kiss from the earth. And when people actually did kiss, they became so light that they lifted half a meter off the ground.  In times of illness or depression people went to a healing space, to reset their body into the natural vibration of the universal harmony.


From this special time ...

Egyptians received their knowledge to build pyramids,

the Romans were inspired to create communal bathing places

and the Druids learned to connect to the wisdom of nature.

Mystic Temple  borrows these treasures to share them into this present moment with you.  

To shoot you up into the stars.

To take you on a magical journey and

To bring you back even deeper into your body.