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Mystic Massage Concerts

Healing massage techniques and live ancient music..

If you love receiving massage, enjoy improvised live music with a spiritual & bohemian flavor ánd you are interested in body, mind and soul healing experiences then you really want to experience a Mystic Massage Concert!  A combination of healing massage techniques and life music through ancient instruments, who will deport you to other realms of reality. A reality where you can surrender, let everything go and experience a state of bliss. Also when your awareness sinks into your body you might experience a state of wonder stimulated by the mystery carried out through the atmosphere.


On a massage table under a cosy blanket..

 As we honor the elements of nature being part of the Great Mystery, we start the Mystic Massage Concert with a ceremony inviting these elements into the space and every individual can set an intention. While laying under a warm blanket on your massage table, you'll have a moment to exchange your needs and longings with your masseuse. The musicians start their intuitive sound concert fully inspired by the atmosphere of the group. You will be massaged with intervals. During the moments that the masseuse is massaging her second client, you will have time to enjoy the after waves of the touch, while you fully surrender to the tunes of the sounds. People experience these as profound moments of the ceremony; the integration time.  At the end of the session you might realize you have been carried away. Some go on a journey with the pleasant sensations of the body, others have a huge emotional release or others said to have been on a strong spiritual journey, comparing it to an Ayahuasca Ceremony. We are all different, but everyone seems to share the state of gratefulness, connection and feeling nurtured.

Female masseuses

Music does not only move the receiver, it also moves the masseuses and creates a field whereby clients, masseuses and musicians are all tuned in to each other. All the masseuses working during our Mystic Massage Concerts identify as female. It was not a conscious choice, yet it so happened and it makes a lot of sense  considering the strong caring and soft energy we like to offer. We did not consciously choose for this at the start. It happened, made a lot of sense around the strong, carrying and soft feminine energy we want to offer.  All the masseuses have their unique way of massaging. Though the aspect they share in their way of working is the integration of the emotional and energetic layer, during the physical massage, using practices like Reiki, channeling,  Shamanistic Practices, Chi Nei Tjang, or Shiatsu therapy.  

Meet our team

The healing side of sounds

We realized that the combination of music and the touch has a strong influence on the physical body, the emotional body and someone's mental state of being. The sound concert guides people in a warm state of trance which enables the body to surrender more fully. 

Music on it self can already be really healing. Sound has been connected to meditation and healing in ancient cultures all over the world. For example, the Australian aboriginal tribes who used the didgeridoo over the last 4 thousand years and the Tibetan who uses the singing bowl as a sound healing instrument. It seems that the experience of sound is not only manifesting through hearing but also through physical frequencies and vibrations. There is strong scientific evidence (400 published articles) that music has mental and physical health benefits in improving mood and reducing stress. The research even shows that physical pain can be reduced by being exposed to rhythm over melody.  Sound healings, also called soundtherapy or soundbaths, have become really popular in Western culture over the last years.

During the Mystic Massage Concert the musicians will use similar instruments as those that were used in these ancient cultures. Our musicians also use their voice, creating mesmerizing melodies, softening and carrying people on a deeper journey. The concert is all improvised and intuitively adjusted on the mood and the atmosphere of the group.

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