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Meet Our Team



Musician & Sound designer

Martien was born in a little town near Rotterdam. When he was young he always made sure that he was there when new ships were launched.  Everyone in town would come together to christen the new ship. The sounds of the champagne bottle breaking, hammering of the wooden wedges, the  splashing of water, the enthusiastic audience, the ship's horns, it all made a strong impression on Martien.

Most likely these experiences planted the seed for the vision of his visual music career. Being a sound artist. 

Martien's passions are to design, build ,and play instruments like his Giant Xylophone, the Sea Machine, the VW Beetle Harp and the Waterflute. These beautiful sounds will send you adrift during the Massage Concert.





Roberta works with various therapeutic massage techniques and she provides tailored sessions. Her clear intuition and receptivity to energies allow her to listen to your body and to tune into it. Roberta is specialized in abdominal massage, which can transform stuck emotions and she can help very sensitive people to feel more grounded in their body. Qi-gong, mindful movement, dance, and energy healing help Roberta to stay in constant contact with herself and the subtle energies of the body. In addition, she is a Life Coach and her passion is Conscious Movement, in which she also facilitates groups. Embodiment is fundamental in her work.




Inspired by movement, human experiences, and expanding her horizon, Serieke has spent many years practising and sharing massage, yoga, meditation, and retreats throughout the world. In her massage sessions ,she uses a combination of soft and deep techniques, always with the intention to cultivate body awareness, relaxation, and authentic heart-to-heart connection. She takes inspiration from different massage styles and and has a special interest in abdominal massage.




Rosalie has a lot of experience in energy work and she feels passionate about helping people to land in their beautiful and complete being.  She has hands and a heart of gold. Rosalie works with diverse range of bodywork and massage techniques. She is certified in Thetahealing, Myofascial Energetic Release, Hawaiian deep tissue, femme coaching and voice- and breathwork. Mystic Temple means for her coming home in the ancient wisdom of healing via the body and sharing from an intentional loving energy field.





Laura has a background in Social work and is trained in Holistic Massage and Ayurvedic Marma Massage.  She also gives one on one space holding sessions, and facilitates small groups. 

She feels passionate about  bodywork, music, nature and intimacy in the broadest sense. Intimacy with others, ourselves and life. Her love language is touch. Her hands express her heart. She loves to hold space for people. Time and time again she experiences how much people can unfold in a space held in unconditional love.

Music and touch can reach and open very deep places within us. 'I feel this as a golden combination for deep processes.'




Bo remembers when she was about 7 years old massaging her mom and members of her family. Her hands are naturally drawn to parts that need attention. Working as a doula, she holds space during births. In this work, she give new mothers trust and lets them sink deeper into their body and their knowing. Intuition is the most important key in her work. She intuitively combines different techniques. In this way, she gives people the feeling they are coming home, because every aspect of them, the wholesome, is recognized and seen. 

In Lak'ech - I am another you-


Eva Christina


Eva's is on a long-term journey to discover how breath and touch can heal and help us to remember who we are. She always wonders: What story can be unravelled in your breath? She is touched by a mystical spark: growing up in the area on the border of the Netherlands and Germany, an in-between space, a place where the forest still breaths mystical secrets. She lived in Jerusalem, Japan, China, South Africa, and Jordan. There she studied various body disciplines. Eva sees the body as a landscape that we have to learn to nurture. 


Eline Lucie 

Masseuse, Creative designer & Caretaker

Eline has an eye for what people need and lack and what might help them to feel more fulfilled. During her Masters in Social Psychology, she researched the effects of people's individual drives in groups  and group dynamics.

After her studies her journey went in two directions: One the discovery  of her gift in Energy healing. Which eventually led to a whole new  5- dimensional perspective on life. Second, a creative direction, as a portrait photographer - Creative designer and director of a Conscious Club, Odessa. Mystic Temple was born when these two paths crossed each other.


Francis Luz

Masseuse & Co-Designer & Firekeeper

Francis studied Drama therapy, where she connected with her passions for creativity, expression, dance, self-development and dance. That passion developed further into Bodywork. Frances is trained into several bodywork techniques (Thais, Hawaiian, and Shamanistic influenced) offers healing and massage sessions in Haarlem. As a traveller and adventurer at Heart she has a deep interest in old cultures, rituals and habits. Mystical wisdom helps us to re-connect with nature and our inner nature. We ARE Her. 

Via bodywork, she helps people to reconnect with their higher self, here on earth. In your body.




Nana chooses intuitively her instruments, tunes and rhythms which she aligns with the clients. Her sounds increase the vibration in the room, the listener can relax  and her music can penetrate every cell of the physical body, touch the inner bright light of our being and heal even the deepest of our core.  Nana  creates sound experiences with a wide range of instruments such as sound bowls, a gong drum, flutes, a shrutibox, a shamandrum, a xylophone, and tunes with her pure and crystal- clear angelic voice.




Fralalai is a neo-ancient trobairitz, harp player and singer-songwriter. Through the shimmering sound of her harps, the earthy depth of her drum, and the angelic and deep sounds of her voice, she serves to awake what is magical, mysterious, and profound within us and all around us, and to allow it to shine. Her neo-ancient style connects our modern times with the old worlds, in a cross-cultural blend: She creates original tunes inspired by dreamy and bright Celtic atmospheres, sensual and fiery gypsy-like rhythms, and Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cultures

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