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Magic truffle Bodywork CEREMONY

By Eline Lucie

You can go into the ceremony with a specific intention, for example around an existential question, an emotional blockage, or you want to become more aware of your spiritual path. But you can also take part to just simply make a deeper connection with your soul and your heart presence.


Magic truffles, also known as truffles containing psilocybin, are a class of psychoactive fungus containing the psychedelic molecules psilocybin and psilocin.

Magic truffles are related to the more well-known psychedelic, magic mushrooms. While they both belong to the same species of psychoactive fungi, magic truffles are simply at a different stage of fungal development than magic mushrooms.


If you want to go a level deeper than the Shamanic Massage and to become more aware and more connected to your self-healing ability, then the Magic Truffle Bodywork Ceremony will be profound for you.

Magic truffles have extreme healing abilities on a psychological level (if you have not already read all about it, please do some research beforehand).


The combination of Magic truffles with bodywork is sublime. I will guide you through your body with techniques I use in my Shamanistic Massage and I will make you aware of your self-healing abilities. 


The doses will be medium-strong. Strong enough to experience the psychedelic effects on your state of awareness, without losing connecting with the physical body. The session, included introduction, will take about 4 hours. Please feel free to ask me more questions if needed. 





220 euro

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