Holistic Mystic Massages

By Eline Lucie

Holistic Massage


Is your body really longing for some relaxation, attention and love?

During a Holistic Massage your body receives that type of attention what it needs. Intuitively I feel what type of pressure and techniques your body is asking for. Your desires shared prior to the massage will be taken into account. You can expect a mixture of more powerful (Deep Tissue) massage with more fluent long strokes (Swedish Type of Massage) all integrated with  a loving dose of healing energy.I assure you that the 1,5 ( or 2 hour) session allows your body to fully surrender and your mind be calm.  You will feel like you are reborn. 




90 min- 85 euro

105 min - 95 euro

120 min- 105 euro





 Organ Massage


Since the organs are the vital parts of our body, organ massage is really effective to heal.

While we focus on the organs in the sessions, we do not only massage the belly. We think it is important to include the reflexzones of the whole body. According to the wisdom of the Healing Tao, every organ is connected to a certain emotion. Therefore, these sessions often affect our emotional being. We use Chi Nei Tsjan (Traditional Healing Tao) techniques, including the energie of Water, Earth, Metal, Wood and Fire (The Elements) to restore the organs to their original energetical power.  Organ massage also works for physical complaints. Massage techniques based on old Syberian Healing knowledge can help for example to stimulate the blood circulation in the organs, which activates the self-healing ability of the body.  If you have complaints ranging from bottled up anger to unprocessed sadness, to more physical complaints like joint pain and digestive problems, a series of organ  massages can be effective.Organ massage is really special and also also so simple. In stead of working on the symptoms, you work directly on the source of the problem in the body.

After and organ massage people feel more relaxed and often very centred. 





75 min -75 euro

90 min - 85 euro


Shamanic Massage


The aim of the Shamanic Massage is to lower you soul back into your body. Cause of genetic (or karmic) reasons, physical or emotional traumas in your life, your soul can be a little disconnected from the presence, from your body. 'Dissociation' is a description of this effect of that in regular psychology, or 'fragmentation of the soul' in Shamanic philosophy.  With energy work, physical massage, organ massage and the use of sounds, we will bring your presence back into your body. You will connect more effectively to your emotions and might be able to let go of physical pains, as your body is now directed by your own (unconscious) intelligent awareness.





90 min -  85

120 min - 105

Magic Truffle Bodywork Ceremony


You can go into the ceremony with a specific intention, for example around an existential question, an emotional blockage, or you want to become more aware of your spiritual path. But you can also take part to just simply make a deeper connection with your soul and your heart presence.


Magic truffles, also known as truffles containing psilocybin, are a class of psychoactive fungus containing the psychedelic molecules psilocybin and psilocin.

Magic truffles are related to the more well-known psychedelic, magic mushrooms. While they both belong to the same species of psychoactive fungi, magic truffles are simply at a different stage of fungal development than magic mushrooms.


If you want to go a level deeper than the Shamanic Massage and to become more aware and more connected to your self-healing ability, then the Magic Truffle Bodywork Ceremony will be profound for you.

Magic truffles have extreme healing abilities on a psychological level (if you have not already read all about it, please do some research beforehand).


The combination of Magic truffles with bodywork is sublime. I will guide you through your body with techniques I use in my Shamanistic Massage and I will make you aware of your self-healing abilities. 


The doses will be medium-strong. Strong enough to experience the psychedelic effects on your state of awareness, without losing connecting with the physical body. The session, included introduction, will take about 4 hours. Please feel free to ask me more questions if needed. 





Sliding Scale prices: 150- 300 euro 

(Depending on financial capacity)


225 euro is the average price.

People living in financial abundance can compensate for people who have little to spend financially.

Strippenkaart/ Pakket

 Holistic Mystic Massage, Organ Massage & Shamanic Massage


3 x 60 min =150 euro

3 X 75 min = 175 euro

3 x 90 min = 225 euro

3 x 120 min = 290 euro

(2 maanden geldig)


6 x60 min = 275

6 x 75 min = 300

6 x 90 min = 425

6 x 120 min= 560

(3 maanden geldig)


*Actie; Als je een vriend inbrengt, 15 min extra Massage of Soundhealing.


**Eventueel is het mogelijk om sessies bij jou thuis te geven. Contact me hier even over.

A Shamanic Massage.. Step into a world of wonder and let yourself be mesmerized by heavenly sounds, be healed by touch and give your soul the opportunity to journey into the realms of grace to find her way back home into your body.

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