Unfortunately we don't know when we can offer new Mystic Massage Concerts again.

If you describe yourself at our 'Contact us page', we will keep you updated about our coming events via digital post.

Past Events

International Museum of the Baroque

Elaisa Wellnes


19th of September 2020

Yogapoint Amsterdam Noord

14th of February &

the 19th of September 2020


Den Haag

22th of february 2020 

Sauna MOON


11th of December 2020 



17th & 18th of August 2019 

A Shamanic Massage.. Step into a world of wonder and let yourself be mesmerized by heavenly sounds, be healed by touch and give your soul the opportunity to journey into the realms of grace to find her way back home into your body.

Do you want to be part of a Mystic Massage Concert? Are you going to marry and you want something to super luxuriously treat yourself to a private ceremonial concert? Do you want to bring Mystic Temple to your venue?


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