Mystic Temple



Surrender yourself to the healing touch of  music and massage to nourish your body & soul...

Mystic Temple creates space for you to reconnect with your body, to be nurtured, to love yourself, to feel loved, to surrender to your nature and to let go... All descriptions of the same process. The process of healing. For that you need trust, a warm and safe environment, professional guidance from the heart presence.. and.. some people surrender to the Big Mystery.  A beautiful name given by the Native Americans meaning that vital thing or phenomenon in life that cannot ever be entirely understood by us.

We at Mystic Temple create an atmosphere that will bring you in touch with a deeper knowing of the Big Mystery. We have a range of session we offer. The Mystic Massage Concerts, a concept created by us two years ago.  A  group journey in which you will receive a massage while musicians comfort your soul with a gentle touch of mesmerizing music. We also offer several types of Holistic Mystic Massages. Sessions, like Holistic Massage, Organ Massage and Shamanic Massage, involve not only the body, but also the more hidden layers of our existence.  And finally we offer the Magic Truffel Bodywork Ceremony, which could help you become more conscious of your energy body and your spiritual connection.

Mystic Temple

at Elaisa

Soon, if life goes back to normal, we will offer our Mystic Massage Concerts at the beautiful Energetic Wellness Elaisa. If you want us to update you about this, please send us a message.

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We work with highly sensitive musicians and competent female masseuses, both working in the realms of the physical and the more hidden dimensions.

Our Massage concert Team